Edge 540T- 30 to 35cc


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Wingspan:                   76”
Wing Area:                  1094 sq.in
Fuselage:              69" (72" incl. spinner)
Engine:                        35cc
Servos:                          6
Spinner Size req:           3”
Weight:                       12 to 12-1/2 lbs


  • Control surfaces pre-hinged, not glued.
  • Cowl installed with internal ring, mounting bolts are hidden.
  • Carbon fiber main landing gear.
  • Carbon fiber tail wheel.
  • Covered with genuine Ultracote.
  • Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes
  • Fiber glass cowl and wheel pants
  • Comprehensive hardware pack

Kit includes:

  • CF wing and stab tubes
  • Complete hardware set
  • Water bottle type gas tank
  • PAU Logo graphic

PAU has added the 35cc Edge 540T to the already very successful Edge 540 line up.


The T version of the Edge 540 is the two-seat model: while none of us plan to sit in the aircraft, this version of the plane provides an increased side area which in turn improves knife edge flight. Many also prefer this version for its aesthetic attributes.

This smaller plane comes as more pilots are moving from larger glow powered planes up to the smaller gasoline powered planes.

What makes our Edge fly better? Well for starters, take a look at the generous wing area and overall weight. With such low wing loading and proven airfoil, our Edge 540 will groove through any aerobatic sequence while still being feather light on the controls for outstanding 3D performance. The vertical stabilizer and rudder design, along with horizontal stabilizer placement, drastically reduces roll-pitch coupling. When it comes to high-alpha maneuvers, nothing else even comes close.

PAU also has done much of the time consuming work for you, such as pre-hinged (not glued) control surfaces, a pre-installed/pre-marked firewall for engine placement, pre-set cowl with internal cowl ring hiding cowl screws, pre-drilled surfaces so your hardware just drops in; and that is just the start! Our Edge 540 also comes with a complete set of high quality hardware. If you are tired of replacing lower quality hardware found in many other ARF’s, or surprisingly having to purchase the hardware separately, take a look at what’s in our box: we even provide a quality gas tank that eliminates any need for upgrades.

But we didn’t stop there: we made this Edge visually stunning as well. We used genuine Ultracote covering in bright colors, and included a graphics package that complements the colors with style. With our proven customer service and uncompromising quality standards, you can rest assured your purchase will be backed by the best in the industry.


Equipment used on prototypes:

. DA-35 and VV-40 engine

. MKS 1220 HV servos (ailerons and rudder)

. MKS 747 HV servo (elevators)

. MKS 737 HV servo (throttle)

  • Model: 35cc Edge 540T

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